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The Spirit and Identity of the City That Was Born at the Foot of a Volcano

Did you know that the habitants of the city of Arequipa have their own passport? This is a very curious fact about the city, and although it is only a souvenir, the “Arequipeño passport” represent the great pride that we have for our land. It goes without saying that all of Peru is wonderful but… What is it that makes us so different compared to the rest of the country?

The cultural, political, and intellectual activity of Arequipa is very distinct to the rest of Peru due to the strong regional identity that has ben built through the generations of families who are proud of their history and traditions.

Nothing less could be expected of a city that is built at the foot of the volcano Misti, which is the primary symbol of pride of the Arequipeños. It perfectly represents our passionate character and brave spirit. Also, we have our own language: the “Loncco;” a way to speak Castilian full of nuances and its own phrases (arequipeñisms) that are influenced greatly by Quechua, the native language of Peru. Also, our gastronomy is very different than the rest of the country’s. The “picantería arequipeña” which is known for its ancient techniques and local traditions, is the greatest expression of our identity and the epitome of the love for what is ours.

Strength, passion, tradition, and pride are the adjectives that sum up the identity of Arequipa. Let yourself be captivated by the city that was born at the foot of a volcano and dare to live an experience of immersion there. Write me at:

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