Peruvian Immersion offers authentic and well-rounded customized Spanish Immersion Programs for health professionals in Arequipa, Peru. We cater to each participant based on their Spanish proficiency, professional experience and areas of interest.


We serve all professionals in any health related field: physicians, physician assistants, nurses, emergency medical technicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, social workers, paramedics, psychologists, odontologists, dental hygienists, etc.


We strive to provide a complete experience by offering clinical rotations, community outreach, general and medical Spanish classes, experiential tourism, and the option of a home-stay with a local family.


We encourage you to ask your employer if they have a education fund available for this kind of program.   




Our clinical rotations take place at a number of partner institutions with different specialties and sizes. Clinical rotations provide participants with the opportunity to volunteer in an environment that matches their Spanish proficiency, professional experience and areas of interests.


Prior to traveling to Peru, the participants will fill out an application form which will help us to be informed of the participant's preferences and priorities on this immersion program. In addition to this form, the professionals have to submit required documents for the temporal authorization of professional practices in Peru. Arrangements will then be made, prior to the professional's arrival and according to availability. The first day of clinical rotations will be spent orienting with your coordinator and work will start the next day.


Physicians, physician assistants and nurses could have the possibility to rotate among different areas: Surgery, Emergency, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Intensive Care Unit, etc. Other professionals will stay in their area of expertise.




Experiential tourism is a unique way to experience travel. This portion of the program will offer you the most genuine glimpse into the life of a local habitant in one of the outlying villages of Arequipa. You will experience the lifestyle and ancient customs that the residents still maintain. Our primary goal is for our visitors to experience an ancient culture through direct contact with its community members.


Peruvian Immersion wants to promote this type of sustainable tourism because it not only will provide a meaningful and authentic experience but it will also help support the local community in a non-invasive and sensitive manner.



After arriving to Arequipa, participants will take a Spanish language proficiency evaluation. The results will provide the instructor with the appropriate information in order to address the learning needs of the participant. The language program is a combination of general Spanish classes (beginners, intermediate or advanced), medical Spanish classes and a peruvian cooking class.


The general Spanish course will include grammatical structures, pronunciation, writing skills, vocabulary and intensive Spanish speaking. The contents are decided between teacher and students in order to decide objectives to achieve.

The medical Spanish course will cover a wide range of topics from medical terminology, anatomical vocabulary and procedures. 

The peruvian cooking class is a unique experience where you explore a local market, learn about the tremendous variety of produce grown in Peru, discover the different techniques used and cook your own food while practicing your Spanish.

We work with a Spanish school that provides quality short term Spanish courses. Each instructor will have a maximum of 4 students per class and each student will spend approximately 3 hours in Spanish classes each day during the week.


We have partnered with different institutions that provide free medical care and medicines through Health Fairs. Participants could be spending most of a day in a local institution or travelling to a rural area in need. Each health fair is different.


Depending on the time and length of your immersion program. You may have the opportunity to participate in one or more health fairs.

Peruvian Immersion’s participants will work closely with peruvian healthcare professionals doing meaningful work to address specific community needs in this needy and underserved area. As you immerse yourself in local communities and work alongside local leaders to make a real impact providing care and education, you’ll find beauty in every connection and commonality discovered.

You are a really important part of the community outreach component of our immersion program. Fundraising for this mission is essential to cover additional costs to make each health fair a success. Prior to departing to Peru, Peruvian Immersion’s participants and President will discuss the best way to gather the necessary funds, medications, medical supplies, equipment, and other items we will need for the community.



We understand that coming to Peru and living with a family could be an intimidating situation, therefore we select only families that are sensitive to the needs of our participants.


Living with a local host family while you learn Spanish will put you in a privileged and unique position to practice Spanish outside of the classroom and connect with local Peruvians. Once you step through your family's door you will practice your Spanish in a relaxed and authentic environment.


Our families are located within a 30 minute walk of our main square, in the middle class areas of the city. You will have your own room in a comfortable home.


Although we strongly encourage the home stay option, if you prefer not to stay with a local family we have other lodging options available for you. Please contact us with any accommodation questions that you may have.




  • General Admission: one month prior to the chosen immersion program 



The reservation is a NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit This deposit secures your participation in the program for 2023. Complete payment must be received one month prior to departure.


Deposit payments can be made via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Bank Deposit, or sent by mail in the form of a check.

Our bank details are available upon request, please contact us and we will provide all the details for you.



Peruvian Immersion LLC

6400 W 11th Ave 

Lakewood, CO 80214




Participants have to arrive to Arequipa at least one day before Day 1

  • Day 1: Orientation, city tour, welcome lunch or dinner

  • Day 2-5: Clinical rotations and Spanish classes         

  • Day 6-8: Experiential tourism

  • Day 9-12: Clinical rotations, Spanish classes and a Peruvian cooking class

  • Day 13-15: Community Outreach


  • Immersion 1: Apr 16 - Apr 30

  • Immersion 2: May 14 - May 28

  • Immersion 3: Jun 11 - Jun 25

  • Immersion 4: Jul 2 - Jul 16 

  • Immersion 5: Jul 30 - Aug 13

Or choose other starting date between April 16th & July 30th


  • 15 Day Itinerary PLUS:

  • Day 16-20: Clinical rotations and Spanish classes



  • Immersion 1: Apr 16 - May 5

  • Immersion 2: May 14 - Jun 2

  • Immersion 3: Jun 11 - Jun 30

  • Immersion 4: Jul 2 - Jul 21

  • Immersion 5: Jul 30 - Aug 18

Or choose other starting date between April 16th & July 30th


  • 15 Day Itinerary PLUS:

  • Day 16-20: Clinical rotations and Spanish classes

  • Day 21-22: FREE

  • Day 23-27: Clinical rotations and Spanish classes



  • Immersion 1: Apr 16 - May 12

  • Immersion 2: May 14 - Jun 9

  • Immersion 3: Jun 11 - Jul 7

  • Immersion 4: Jul 2 - Jul 28

  • Immersion 5: Jul 30 - Aug 25 

Or choose other starting date between April 16th & July 30th

We have extended programs up to 12 weeks. For more information contact us directly