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Picantería Arequipeña: Seasoning, Flavor, and Color

Arequipa is tradition, history, and culture. Our city stands out due to its beautiful scenery, its impressive architecture, and above all, its wonderful gastronomy. One of Arequipa’s greatest cultural expressions is the “picantería arequipeña.” The picantería comes from a culinary blend that joins together flavor and tradition through techniques and recipes from pre-Hispanic days. These traditions and techniques are part of an ancient legacy.

The picantería arequipeña grew from the taverns of “chicha,” a drink that is symbolic of pre-Hispanic Peru. The consumption of this drink was accompanied by spicy dishes that evolved with more and more variety. These meals were shared with family at a “democratic” table where all were treated equally. These restaurants created a unique sociability, and the picantería arequipeña as we know it today was born.

In the current day, the picantería is one of the greatest prides of Arequipa. This beautiful tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, creating a millennial inheritance that remains intact despite the innovations that modern gastronomy brings. This is what makes it even more unique and special. It is definitely a cultural experience that all of us should enjoy at least once in our lifetime. If you have fallen in love with Arequipa and its culture, it’s time to take a chance and live an immersive experience in this incredible city. To learn more, write me at

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